Nationwide Vehicle Delivery

An often overlooked component of your lease experience is the actual delivery of the vehicle. At TBBK Direct Leasing we work hard to make the delivery process as simple and painless as possible for both you and your driver. Through our extensive network of reliable new car dealerships, we will deliver your vehicles when and where you want them.

That holds true for “stock,” as well as factory ordered vehicles. Our access to dealer inventories enables us to offer you immediate availability of your choice of vehicle anywhere in the United States. Often with stock purchase situations, the vehicle can be delivered within 24 hours, regardless of location. However, when your needs can be anticipated and time permits, we recommend that you allow us to factory order each vehicle to your exact specifications. Your Sales Executive will work with you to develop the best cycle time strategy for your fleet and will provide you with crucial guidance as far as lead times and ordering constraints are concerned. Experience has proven that it is always less expensive to factory order vehicles.