Licensing and Re-Licensing

Some of the biggest headaches with operating a fleet of vehicles are making sure that all of the vehicles are properly registered. Keeping track of the registration renewals or moving vehicles can be an arduous task. At TBBK Direct Leasing, we take the stress out of fleet management. 

Each new vehicle will be registered prior to delivery by the new car delivering dealer.  This service is included with your lease and is another time saving feature for you and your driver. Additionally, we maintain an up to date register of license and title information for your entire fleet and we make this information available to you at your request, for no additional cost.

What’s more, when the time comes for registration renewal, TBBK Direct Leasing handles all the necessary paperwork and forwards the new registration directly to your vehicle operator (except where prohibited by law). Elsewhere, thirty to forty-five days prior to the expiration of the registration, we send your driver a re-registration package containing all the documentation necessary for renewal: instructions, power of attorney and title (if required).

Finally, we also handle the paperwork for transfers or changes of address as often as may be required. All revisions are reflected in our records and related documentation (like your invoice), will be updated to reflect the changes. We even handle duplicate registrations should your vehicle operator misplace the registration card. Additionally, any parking violations that your drivers incur are forwarded directly to your attention, so that you may deal with those issues in accordance with your own corporate policy.