Company Owned Disposal

Many companies find that over time, they come to own some of their vehicles, even if their fleet is leased. This usually occurs either through the company electing to purchase their vehicle at the end of a given lease term, or as a result of a company changing over to leasing from ownership. Whatever the case, TBBK Direct Leasing is pleased to take charge of the disposal process, effectively removing you from the used car business.

We do it all

TBBK Direct Leasing handles the entire disposal process on your behalf. Arranging for transportation of the vehicle off of your property to the ultimate disposal facility, be that an auction, salvage yard, or a retail environment. Prior to our removal of the vehicle, we provide you with an estimate of its value based upon its age, condition, mileage and location. Once that process has been completed, we will provide you with a condition report (upon request), which outlines any pre-existing damage or mechanical malfunctions. Finally, after the vehicle has been sold, we will either issue you a check for the net sale proceeds or apply the proceeds to your new leased vehicle as a down-payment or trade-in. The best part is you won’t have to go through any of the hassle of selling your vehicle, and you won’t have to provide any guarantees about the mechanical condition of the vehicle (other than an odometer disclosure)

All makes and models

This service is applicable to all makes and models of vehicles regardless of condition anywhere in the United States or Canada. Typically, all we need to facilitate the process is the location of the vehicle, its description, mileage and a contact person from whom we can pick up the keys. Additionally, we will need a rough overview of condition (is the vehicle running, etc.) prior to arranging transportation, so that we know how to best to dispose of your vehicle.