Specialized Services

In addition to a host of optional as well as included services, TBBK Direct Leasing is pleased to offer a number of specialized services that may be just what the doctor ordered for your particular business application. Please take a few moments to read through these topics, and feel free to contact your TBBK Direct Leasing Sales Executive for further details!


This exclusive program solves the problems associated with leasing your executive vehicle fleet. No longer will you be forced to deal with the headaches that these specialized vehicles create. With our unique executive1source program, we will assist you in obtaining the best pricing and terms, consistent with your corporate policy, for all of your executive level vehicles. What’s more, we work with you regardless of mileage constraints and/or type of vehicle, be it foreign or domestic.

Employee Lease Plan

This benefit may be offered to your employees to assist them in obtaining a new or used vehicle of their choice. This program is perfect for those employees who are not entitled to a company car, or who are looking for a vehicle for a spouse or child. TBBK Direct Leasing offers your employees the same high commitment to service that your company enjoys and we couple that with special pricing that is normally unavailable to individual consumers. Under this program, your company assumes no obligation or responsibility for any lease arrangement entered into by your employee.

Customized Terms and Programs

At TBBK Direct Leasing, we understand that not all vehicles are used under the same conditions. That’s why one of the greatest benefits offered by TBBK Direct Leasing is the flexibility to customize your leases on a vehicle by vehicle basis. We recognize that each vehicle operator may have special requirements that must be met in order for them to maximize their productivity. With this in mind, your TBBK Direct Leasing Sales Executive will work closely with you to develop the most efficient program for your fleet.
While the possibilities for flexibility are virtually endless, some of our more creative programs include:
  • Hybrid Leases that Combine the Benefits of Open and Closed End Leasing
  • Unlimited Mileage Lease Programs
  • No Wear & Tear Penalties (regardless of lease type)
  • High Mileage Closed End Lease Programs
  • Executive Lease Programs

… Plus what ever else your business may require!

Used Vehicle & Equipment Leasing

In addition to providing your company with all makes and models of new vehicles, TBBK Direct Leasing also gives you the ability to lease used vehicles, as well as used equipment. Your used vehicles may be located by you, your agents, or by TBBK Direct Leasing. Additionally, these vehicles may be coupled with any of the various types of leases that we offer.  Used vehicle leasing is a great way to reduce costs, or to obtain a “secondary” vehicle inexpensively