Accident Management

TBBK Direct Leasing’s Accident and Risk Management Program is designed to help you limit the cost and liability associated with keeping employees safely on the road. This service provides your drivers with immediate attention to any issue that may arise after an accident, including emergency roadside assistance. Additionally, our staff will help relieve the administrative burdens associated with accident management by taking control over accident repairs, arranging for competitively priced repairs through our service network, and recovering money through subrogation whenever possible.

Manage Your Risk

Every day, companies across the world hand over the keys along with the responsibility for safe driving to millions of employees, who become individual risk managers every time they get behind the wheel. 

Subscribing to our Accident and Risk Management Program can help you manage your risk. The program is designed to protect employees and lower the costs of accidents that do happen with a three step approach:
  1. Identify Risk: Gather and study a company’s accident data to identify trends and areas for improvement.
  2. Manage Accidents: Minimize productivity loss, manage repairs and maximize subrogation recovery.
  3. Reduce Risk: Analyze data, establish communications and implement a safety policy.

Driver Assistance with Only One Call

When accidents do occur, and they will, drivers simply call a toll-free number from anywhere in North America to report the accident and receive assistance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our Driver’s Assistance Representatives first make sure the driver gets any personal help that may be necessary.  Then, they work to get the employee back on the road quickly, even coordinating a rental vehicle if it is necessary.

Notice of Loss

In addition to offering personal assistance, a computerized system enables the documentation of a full accident report to be generated in just minutes. Once the information is recorded, a full report will be forwarded to your designated insurance carrier. Your driver doesn’t need to fill out any additional paperwork to notify your insurance carrier. 

Repair Management

Our representatives arrange for towing, a damage estimate, and will even assign an appraiser when warranted. They will then manage the entire repair process including selecting a conveniently located repair facility from the preferred supplier network. Then, ASE certified damage specialists negotiate the repair on your company’s behalf and perform computerized audits to ensure competitive pricing. Additionally, our representative will arrange for alternative transportation for your driver in the event that his or her primary vehicle will be laid up. This way, your employee stays productive and on the road.

Recovering Losses

After accident notification, the subrogation team evaluates the claim, and does whatever investigation is required to recover costs when drivers are not at fault.  The program has been successful in recovering on average over 90% of claims attempted.