Vehicle Expense Reporting

No matter how data is provided (by mail or electronically), our Vehicle Expense Reporting staff sorts, organizes, enters and corrects it. Employee expense information is reviewed and any questionable or missing data is researched to boost the accuracy and reliability of the reports.

VER Produces a Monthly Report Package Which Includes:

  • Fleet Performance Report – Summarizes costs for the prior year, year to date and current month.  The report may be generated both organization wide and by business unit. 
  • Fleet Performance Summary – Assists in identifying potential cost savings by comparing your company’s fleet to others in their industry or a US composite.
  • Replacement Schedules – Project vehicle by vehicle replacement dates according to your company’s policy.
  • Depreciation Analysis – Captures resale performance and depreciation statistics.
  • Personal Mileage Reporting – Shows whether employees are achieving minimum business usage and supports informed decisions on vehicle use. If employees are charged for personal use on a monthly or per mile basis, VER calculates the revenue generated as a reduction in overall fleet cost.