FleetSense Reporting

FleetSense is a fully automated management tool that provides information to measure, monitor and make decisions to manage and lower the costs associated with running a fleet. All transaction-based fleet information, such as fuel and maintenance expenditures, is housed in a data warehouse and is continuously updated.

Our odometer warehouse captures vehicle specific odometer information daily from six different systems. Advanced processes filter out suspect data and apply smoothing algorithms that recalculate monthly odometer readings to improve accuracy and fill in missing months. This process provides a sophisticated and accurate method for analyzing total fleet miles per month and forecasting mileage up to 36 months. Only FleetSense delivers information without the struggle to get mileage reports from employees.

Comprehensive Reporting Package

FleetSense reports show the total cost of all vehicles running and standing expenses. Comparison reports show what, where and how much costs are changing over time. Statistical averages present costs in cents per mile, dollars per month and usage in miles per month.

Only FleetSense Offers These Valuable Planning Aids
  • Total Cost of Fleet – Provides quarterly, annual and 12 month rolling summaries of running and standing expenses.
  • Cost Comparison – Provides side-by-side comparison for the current quarter, 12 months vs. prior year quarter and prior 12 months, with variances by percent and dollar amount.
  • Replacement Schedule – Identifies vehicles due for replacement based on projected odometer readings and replacement policy.
  • Three-Year Odometer Forecast – Helps set preventative maintenance schedules and assist in budget forecasting.