Reporting Overview

Analysis Reporting is available in conjunction with one of TBBK Direct Leasing’s Maintenance Management programs. These reports provide volumes of fleet data which may be transformed into easy-to-read, up-to-date reports that can help your company:

  • Know Exactly What It Costs to Operate Your Fleet
  • Compare Costs Against Industry Benchmarks
  • Identify Cost Changes in the Fleet Over Time
  • Evaluate the Effectiveness of Cost Reduction Strategies
  • Schedule Vehicle Maintenance or Replacement Based on Projected Odometer Information
  • Reduce Administrative Costs for Data Processing
  • Evaluate the Effectiveness of Personal Use Policies
  • Comply with IRS Rules
  • Simplify Administration of Employee Payroll and W2 Statements

A Variety of Features

You can’t manage your costs if you don’t know what they are.  That’s why Fleet Analysis and Cost Reporting Services provide the details necessary to effectively manage fleet costs. Clear and up-to-date information includes total fleet costs presented in a variety of formats, such as cents per mile, dollars per month, as well as reporting based on monthly, quarterly or annual expenditures.

FleetSense, Vehicle Expense Reporting (VER) and Personal Use Taxable Benefit Reporting Services enable you to obtain detail and summary reports, manage costs, spot exceptions, identify and interpret trends, schedule vehicle replacement, benchmark fleet’s performance and implement effective fleet policies.

FleetSense Reporting
Vehicle Expense Reporting
Personal Use Taxable Benefit Reporting