Monthly Billing

One of the many advantages of leasing with TBBK Direct Leasing is the ease and convenience of a single, customized, master monthly invoice. This billing statement can be designed in virtually any configuration that conforms with your internal accounting practices. A typical invoice would outline such useful information as driver and vehicle description, vehicle location, months remaining, and the in service date. Of course, if your business dictates, your invoice may be broken down by cost center, region or division.

By invoicing all of your vehicles on one single statement, your accounting department can generate one check, once a month; no cumbersome coupon books payable at different times during the month. Additionally, your invoice will provide you with a tracking mechanism to help you budget as well as plan your replacement vehicle cycle.

Of course, there is no charge for customizing your monthly invoice. Additionally, there is no limit to the number of customizations that you may make on your invoice. Simply let us know what information you require to be included on your invoice and we will take care of the rest.