FleetGuard Maintenance

Because the needs of your company are unique, we offer an alternative to the VMA program. FleetGuard offers your drivers a higher level of description on their “routine” maintenance expenditures. However, with FleetGuard, you will be assured that our trained staff is targeted to the more complex and costly repairs, where the savings potential is greatest.  The benefits of FleetGuard include:

  • $300 Driver Discretionary Spending Level
  • $2,000 Discretionary FleetGuard Spending Level
  • Recall and Warranty Assistance
  • National Account Discount Pricing
  • 24/7 Service
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance Available (additional fee)
  • Access to Our Preferred Service Network
  • Increased Driver Satisfaction
  • Capitalizes on The Industry Trend Toward Fewer Maintenance Requirements
  • Maintains Detailed Report Data on All Transactions