Maintenance Management

What if one card made it possible to receive comprehensive, customer focused, vehicle maintenance assistance and service?  You don’t have to wonder any more! Your card is your ticket to participate in a program that provides:

  • Certified industry experts acting on a your behalf to eliminate unnecessary repairs and negotiate the lowest pricing
  • The Fleet Experts Purchasing Card, accepted by over 58,000 maintenance suppliers in North America
  • Fuel and Maintenance purchasing capabilities on the same card
  • Unparalleled data and reporting capabilities
  • Preferred pricing on automotive parts and services, negotiated in advance
  • Repair cost recovery on out of warranty repairs
  • Reduced driver downtime
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Reduction of unnecessary maintenance and repair costs
  • Assurance that the job gets done right the first time

Managed maintenance keeps vehicles out of the shop & on the road: There is nothing routine about cost effective vehicle maintenance. Well maintained vehicles are safer to drive, more productive and more valuable when resold.  Participation in a maintenance management program significantly enhances your company’s ability to keep its vehicles roadworthy, while avoiding unnecessary or overpriced maintenance or repairs.

Service Selection Preview

Companies are best served by maintenance management programs designed to meet key business objectives, including driver safety, driver productivity, employee satisfaction and cost savings. Two program options provide the flexibility to meet your company’s specific requirements.

Vehicle Maintenance Assistance (VMA): Our most comprehensive managed maintenance program offers maximum control and repair cost savings on all types of vehicle repairs. Program benefits include:
  • Specific advice and recommendations based on individual need
  • Flexible options to manage company policy requirements
  • Numerous standard reports
  • Unmatched industry expertise

When the ultimate level of control and cost savings are desired, VMA fits the bill. In fact, studies confirm that companies following the recommendations of the VMA consultants save an average of $20,000+ per year in direct maintenance expenses for every 100 vehicles enrolled in the program. 

Fleet Guard: This is a major mechanical repair program that is designed to minimize the impact of major repair expenses by providing expert advice and intervention where it has the greatest impact on the bottom line; on more costly, complex repairs. And because today’s newer vehicles require less routine maintenance, clients are able to maximize their program dollars.  Perhaps most importantly, Fleet Guard is able to provide significant cost savings of up to $12 per vehicle, per month off current maintenance expenses.  That adds up to a substantial savings opportunity.

Regardless of which program you select, both VMA and Fleet Guard offer:
  • A Team of ASE Certified Specialists. Averaging 20 years of experience, these specialists are automotive experts skilled in negotiating maintenance and repair requests with service providers. They have industry experience, as well as information on manufacturer’s warranties and specific vehicle repair history information at their fingertips to ensure that only necessary maintenance and repairs are performed at fair prices.
  • A Network of Over 58,000 Suppliers. Extensive blanket geographic coverage ensures that drivers have access to a wide range of service providers. Since supplier performance is constantly measured, you can be confident of receiving quality service at competitive prices.
  • Quality Assured Assistance Calls.  Drivers can call the toll-free number on their service card 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for help with mechanical problems or approval for service work beyond the pre-established limits. A specialist will assess the problem, provide emergency roadside assistance when needed and direct the driver to a nearby service center in the preferred supplier network.
  • Warranty Coverage. Our maintenance specialists track warranties, ensuring that you do not incur expenses for items covered under warranty. These specialists can also serve as your advocate (note: may be subject to additional fee) in often lengthy negotiations that lead to out of warranty settlements. Millions of dollars per year have been recovered on behalf of companies using this program.
  • Control and Convenience. These programs offer you the convenience of paying one invoice and writing one check as opposed to dealing with hundreds of individual invoices.

National Accounts Purchasing Maintenance Program 

In addition to the VMA and the FleetGuard maintenance programs, we also offer a more basic level of coverage. The National Accounts Purchasing Program offers you the flexibility to allow your drivers the maximum level of discretion over all purchases, from oil changes to more complex maintenance repairs. The National Accounts Purchasing Program allows you to take advantage of our purchasing power. Simply, your FleetExperts card is used at the repair facility and you are billed back at a later date for any repairs that were completed. The benefits of this program include:
  • An Average Savings of 15% to 20% on Major Brand Automotive Repairs Across North America
  • Flexibility to Use Non-Network Suppliers
  • Relieves Driver Out of Pocket Expenses and Expense Reporting
  • Eliminates Cost and Inconvenience Associated With Issuing Checks for Driver and Supplier Reimbursement
  • Consolidated Billing on One Monthly Statement