Authorization Capability

The FleetExperts fuel card offers you various levels of control and security over your fleet expenditures. The following controls are available:

  • Driver Identification: The Personal Identification Number (PIN) identifies your driver to our system, allowing us to track and allocate expense reporting by individual. Optionally, you may elect to have the same driver PIN across your entire fleet, or a portion of your fleet. This option is often helpful to companies that tie spending back to a particular cost center as opposed to an individual (or even broken down by individuals within a cost center for billing purposes). In the event that a PIN change is required, or a card is lost or stolen, a new card will be issued to your driver and the old card de-activated to avoid the possibility of errant charges. In the event that your driver simply forgets his/her PIN, they will be prompted to contact Fuel Customer Service (the toll-free number is on the card) for verification instructions.
  • Restricted Cards – “Fuel Only”: Many companies elect to have the fuel card available to a driver for fuel only. This effectively restricts the driver, and ensures that things like coffee, soda, cigarettes and even washer fluid are not purchased under this program. However, if you elect to use your FleetExperts card for both fuel and maintenance management, you are still able to restrict your driver to only purchasing fuel, while not placing any encumbrance on your drivers ability to take advantage of the maintenance management program.
  • Transaction Limits: Finally, the card will restrict the number of transactions available to a particular driver in a given 24-hour period. In this way, you can ensure that your driver is only fueling in accordance with policy.