Fuel Management

Fuel Chart

As the graph indicates, fuel expenses generate the second largest cost expenditure for most fleets. That’s why a fuel management program is an integral component of any successful fleet management strategy. TBBK Direct Leasing’s Fuel Management Program is a great way for you to regain a level of control over your fuel expenditures.  For added convenience, our fuel card may be physically incorporated into your maintenance management card. This way, your drivers need only carry one card for all of their fuel and maintenance requirements. Our Fuel Management Program offers the following benefits:
  • Industry’s Largest Fuel Network with Over 150,000 Locations
  • National Account Pricing (at preferred suppliers)
  • Point of Sale Transaction Processing
  • Advanced Security and Authorization Controls
  • Access to Detailed Reporting on Fuel Expenses, Including Exception Reporting

Drivers Perspective

Our Fuel Management Program offers a number of benefits to your driver as well as your company. Since our program is easy to use, it increases overall driver acceptance, which makes implementation a breeze. Plus, our advanced security features offer you a level of control over your drivers, to ensure that only authorized transactions are processed. With over 150,000 locations in the network, your drivers won’t waste time searching for a fueling station that accepts his/her credit card.  Additionally, your driver will benefit from point of sale electronic processing (often at the pump), as over 90% of our in-network providers are equipped to electronically process transactions.  Typically, your driver’s experience (at self-service pumps) will be as follows:

Your Driver Will Be Prompted To:
  • Select Cash or Credit (Your Driver Will Select Credit)
  • Swipe the FleetExperts Card as Instructed
  • Respond to Prompt: Enter Driver ID (Your Driver’s PIN)
  • Respond to Prompt: Enter Mileage (Current Vehicle Mileage)
  • Respond to Prompt: Enter Vehicle Number (On FleetExperts Card)
  • Begin Fueling!
At the conclusion of the transaction, your driver will receive a receipt from the pump that he/she may keep for their personal records. In situations where your driver elects to use a full service station, the driver will be asked to relay his/her PIN, current mileage, and vehicle number to the attendant so that the transaction may be processed.

Fuel Management Reporting Features

The greatest advantages of TBBK Direct Leasing’s Fuel Management Program are the reporting features. These capabilities enable you to control driver activity and also to develop a historical overview of your fuel expenses. On the driver level, you will have the ability to track and enforce your fleet policies (did your driver purchase premium grade fuel?), control abuse and unauthorized purchases (did your driver fuel a non-company vehicle?), and identify trends in driver behavior (are drivers fueling on non-business days?). From a higher level perspective, you gain the ability to review historical fuel charges and review which fuel suppliers your drivers are using, later directing them to use other less expensive facilities. 

Additionally, exception reporting will indicate which drivers consume the most fuel and which the least. These reports will also allow you to determine if any drivers are fueling more than once per day. Finally, your reporting will include the following information for your review:
  • Fueling Station Name and Address
  • Grade Of Fuel Purchased
  • Vehicle Mileage
  • Price Per Gallon
  • Total Cost Expenditure
  • Unit Number
  • FleetExperts Service Card Number

Authorization Capability
Fuel Locations