Fleet Policy & Selectors

Leasing your vehicles involves more than simply “getting a car.”  In today’s business environment, effective fleet management is more important than ever. This includes headquarters interactions with the various vehicle operators, as well as determining which types of vehicles best meet the requirements of those operators.

At TBBK Direct Leasing, we can work with you to develop a fleet policy if you don’t currently have one, or we can share with you our decades of insight into fleet management to assist you in drafting a fleet policy that works for your business. We offer assistance with seemingly complicated problems such as:

  • Ensuring that drivers maintain their vehicles
  • Ensuring that drivers keep their vehicles clean
  • Monitoring driver behavior
  • Handling parking and toll violations

Additionally, we work with you to develop a comprehensive, simple and effective selector list. Whether you require a single selector list, because all employees are entitled to the same class of vehicle, or you require several because different levels of employees are entitled to varying levels of vehicles, TBBK Direct Leasing will help. By developing a selector aimed at maintaining consistency, we help you eliminate the ability of drivers who attempt to creep up in vehicle class or equipment configurations.