TBBK Direct Leasing offers a host of administrative services designed to assist you in more efficiently managing your fleet. While the support that we offer you and your staff is virtually limitless, here are some highlights of the most often asked administrative questions:

Nationwide Availability

With all of our programs offered on a nationwide basis, TBBK Direct Leasing provides your company with consistency across your fleet anywhere in the USA. Regardless of make, model or age, we deliver wherever you have a need. This applies not only to our leases, but also to every other program we offer, including:

No Minimum or Maximum

One of the unique considerations offered to you by TBBK Direct Leasing is that there is no minimum requirement for the number of vehicles that you must lease in order to be eligible for any of our programs. Whether you have one vehicle or one million, you will never be disqualified from any of our lease programs as a result of the size of your fleet.

Conversely, no fleet is too large.  We recognize that different sized fleets have different requirements, and therefore establish different types of lease programs based upon the needs of their specific business.  That’s what is great about TBBK Direct Leasing. Whether you operate a small fleet or a large one, we are able to provide you with specific insight about the management of your fleet. Plus, if you currently operate a small fleet, TBBK Direct Leasing is able to mature with your business, providing valuable information and recommendations as your fleet, and your business, continues to evolve.

A Single Operating Agreement: TBBK Direct Leasing believes that leasing should be made easy. That’s why we have developed a simple master lease agreement. This document is signed only one time, and outlines the terms and conditions for each vehicle that TBBK Direct Leasing delivers to your company. Thus, you get consistency throughout your lease program from location to location and vehicle to vehicle.  There’s no fine print to labor over, and the individual vehicles are tied back to the master lease document with a single sheet of paper. Quick, easy and hassle free!

Centralized Support

One phone call does it all. At TBBK Direct Leasing, we put an end to your contacting hundreds of people to get an answer to a simple question. With our centralized support team, you need only make one phone call to speak with a courteous, knowledgeable representative. What's more, you will never get an automated system which requires hours of pressing numbers before you get to speak with someone’s voice mail. Rather, you get a personal contact to get your questions answered quickly, and correctly.

Transportation Assistance

Often, the situation arises, where a vehicle needs to be transported to another location. TBBK Direct Leasing stands ready to assist in these situations. Not only will we re-register the vehicle in the new state, but we will also arrange for the transportation of that vehicle. All you need to tell us is what type of vehicle you are moving, where it is located, and where it is going. Of course, we will inform you of any fees and the time frame involved prior to transporting your vehicle.

Pre-Termination Notification

As a TBBK Direct Leasing customer, you will automatically be notified three months prior to a vehicle reaching its full lease term. This process allows you to either order a replacement vehicle, purchase your vehicle, or even extend the lease beyond its initial lease term. The notification gives you an extra level of control over your fleet and the re-ordering process.

Registration Renewals

At TBBK Direct Leasing we understand the hassles and wasted time involved in having a vehicle operator re-register their vehicle. That’s why we do all the work! We make sure that your vehicles stay legal, regardless of the municipality, county, or state that they are operated in. TBBK Direct Leasing proactively re-registers your vehicles, and sends the new registration to the address that you pre-select. Be it a centralized location, or directly to the driver, you won’t have to worry that your sales or service force is in line at DMV as opposed to assisting your customers. Additionally, TBBK Direct Leasing also handles registration for vehicle transfers, lost registrations, various weight classes and even specialty vehicles and trailers.

Insurance Compliance

TBBK Direct Leasing works directly with your insurance carrier to ensure that all vehicles are properly insured prior to your driver taking delivery. But it doesn’t stop there. We also monitor your policy to ensure that all of your vehicles stay insured throughout the life of the lease, and that you are therefore protected in the event that one of your drivers should be involved in an accident.